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Your prescription lenses or sunglasses are often an expensive investment, therefore it is important to properly care for them to keep them in shape. There are two different ways to clean your glasses.

The best way to clean your eye wear is with warm water  and  dish soap, but  when you out and about, the easy which is spray cleaner or wet wipes to keep your lenses clean looking shining or neat, it is necessary to make it daily routine to clean your eye wear

METHOD 1: wash your hand thoroughly with soap and water befor cleaning your glasses to ensure your hands are free of dirt, greene and grimme. Then rinse your glasses with warm water by running a gentle stream of tap water rotate the glasses to wet both sides of each lenses, the frame and ear pieces. Note that hot water is bad for lenses, protection coating and the frame, so always use only warm water.

After rinsing, add a lotion free dish soap to each lens circle motions with your fingertips to carefully lather them with soap over the both side of your lenses around the frame and down each earpiece. Use gentle pressure to clean the nose pads with a cotton swap or soft tooth brush. Note: avoid grazing the lenses with the tooth brush even if its soft-brushoff. was away the soap residue by holding the glasses under the running water again. shake off excess water and make sure your lenses are clean. wipe or dry with microfiber clothes  to ensure all smudges are off from the lenses, dry the frame as well.

METHOD 2: Cleaning with lens solution. Below area on the lenses to remove dusts or debris. spray significant quantity of the cleaning  solution on the lenses to flush away debris or dirt. if you have an anti-reflection lenses ensure the cleaner are labelled safe for the AR coating. carefully wipe away with finger tips to absorb cleaner. then use the cloth to dry the frame and ear pieces. Note: that keeping your glasses clean and smudge – free with help prevent scratches and help them last linger. Always store your glasses in a hard case that must fit the glasses when you are not using them. Always wash our micro-fiber clothes regularly to remove dusts or debris that must have trapped on them. Do not wipe your glasses with our slot, tissue or a paper towel. to have a clear and comfortable vision with your lenses, always take a proper care of them.

Fornnex Eye Clinic stocks different kind of quality lens clearing solution, lens wipes and micro-fiber clothing’s. Your satisfaction and comfort is our pointy . A trial with definitely convince you.



An ocular manifestation of a system disease is an eye condition that directly or indirectly, occurs as a result of a disease process in another part of the body. There are many disease that are known to cease ocular co-visual changes and these disease inside but limited to diabetics, hypertension. HIV and AIDS , rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Diabetics can manifest in the eye as diabetic retinopathy  which is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide among adult age 20 to 74 years. It has been estimated that nearly all patients with type 1 diabetics and 60% of these with type 2 diabetics will develop some from of retinopathy without 20 years disease on set regardless of their diabetic control. Follow up in the annual retinal screening and prompt treatment are key component parental care diabetes may result to other visual or ocular disease such as cataract, muscular oedema and regular changes in re-fracture statistic fluctuation of refractive status). Hypertension usually manifests in the eye as hypertensive nephropathy.

It also indirectly as a Risk factor for other ocular diabetes such as retinal vein collusion retinal embolism macro organism and optic neuropathy studies have reached that these is a strong correlation of in the hypertensive retinopathy and risk of stroke studies also that hypertensive retinopathy can be used to predict constant congestive heart failure,but ventricular heart failure and renal heart impairment.

In HIV patients CD4 count remains the greatest prediction of ocular manifestation it is not uncommon for HIV patient to experience an older complication at some point. The most common manifestation is contagiosum a viral infection of the skin, other manifestation include herpes zostes ophthalmicus conjunctival microvarscular disease which affects up to 75% to 80% of patients, kerat0- conjunctivitis  sicca (dry eye), infectious keratitis and iridocyclitis (associated with cytomegalovinus CMV) etc.

Ocular manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis include keratoconjunctivitis sicca, episcleritis ,scleritis and corneal diseases. Most of ocular manifestation of systemic lupus Erythematosus are usually sight threatening. To avoid regrets in future examine  your eye regularly or at least once in a year

At Fornnex eye clinic ,we offer comprehensive eye evaluation that may help detect possible systemic diseases


For good clarity go for quality lenses. Good lens prescription determines how clearly you will see with your lenses. The lenses you choose for your eye glasses even more than the frame determines how happy you are with your eye-wear.

You can avoid those thick lenses by going for ultra-thin lenses, is always wise to give children anti- scratch lenses and for field workers always use poly-carbonate lenses at the site.

Regular computer users should ensure they use computer lenses (anti reflection lenses) to avoid computer vision syndrome or they may also benefit from 100% blue color block lenses and this may also benefit those that work under intense sunlight. Ensure you choose wisely while going for prescription lenses. Look better, see clearly and be happy.


Studies have shown that majority of pupils struggling with reading have vision problems. It has been estimated that 80% of school learning involves the sense of vision. This implies that poor vision can cause huge frustration to a school child and a frustrated child can also be helped.

A comprehensive eyes examination is the key in providing help to a child with poor vision. being aware of the signs and symptoms of learning –  related vision problems keeps the children from struggling needlessly.

The symptoms of learning related vision problems includes: headache or eyes strain, blurred vision or double vision, crossed eyes or eyes that appears to move independently of each other (strabismus ), turning or tilting the head to use one eyes only or closing one eyes excessive blinking or rubbing place while reading or using a finger as a guide, show reading speed or poor reading comprehension, omitting or repeating words or confusing

Similar words difficulty in remembering what was read, persistent reversal of words or letters (after grade 3), difficulty remembering, identifying or reproducing shapes for eye hand coordination and evidence of developmental immaturity.

The first step to determining if a problem exist, if your child shows one or more symptoms mentioned above is by seeing an eye doctor who will evaluate and make proper diagnosis. If no vision problem detected , it is possible that your child’s symptoms may be caused by a non-visual dysfunction,  such as dyslexia or a learning disability, which may require the services of an educational specialist.

Vision problem keep some children from performing to their potential. Sometimes teachers and parents fail to make the connection between poor reading and childrens visions. Ruling out visual problems as refracture error (myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism),unvergence insufficient, strabis mus and cohr deficiency etc is the best help to offer to a child. Fornnex eye clinic offers a wide range of comprehensive eye examination that will help detect the cause of your child’s symptoms. Your child’s sight is your child’s right. Help that child see well and perform remarkably well in school today


The importance of sunglasses can not be over emphasized. Did you know that sun rays are dangerous to the eyes just as they are to the skin? Most people think that sunglasses are mostly for fashion.

I wish to inform you that sunglasses may be great fashion accessories but they are mostly worn to protect one’s eyes from sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. The ocular effects of ultra-violet rays include:

1) CATARACT: the clouding of the eye’s crystalline lens that can cause blurred vision. Researches have shown that estimated 20% cases of cataract are caused by UV rays exposure.

2) MACULAR DEGENERATION , a leading cause of blindness in the United States occurs as a result of damage to the retina affecting central vision.

3) PTERIGIUM: Constant exposure to UV rays can cause damage to the conjunctiva. This appears as a tissue growth over the white part of the eyes and sometimes extending to the cornea. It can alter the curve of the eyeball causing astigmatism, irritations and discomforts.

4) PHOTOKERATITIS: This is a condition caused by UV exposures which is a medical term for an ocular sunburn.

Most part of the eye can be affected by UV rays after exposure. Some UV damage to the eyes occur gradually and are not reversible hence it is important to protect the eyes from UV light from a very young age.

It is wise to wear good quality sunglasses that block UV and also wear a hat with a broad brim under intense sunlight to prevent UV from getting into the eyes. Just like the use of seat belts in the car, it is essential to protect the eyes during exposure to the sun rays and this can be achieved by wearing a pair of properly covered sunglasses.

When purchasing sunglasses, always choose sunglasses that block at least 99% of UV light and select frames that wrap-around the face to get the eyes properly protected under the sun.

Also note that the darkness of the tint does not reflect the level of UV block, UV protection depends strongly on the manufacturing quality which is usually indicated on the lenses.
Prevention is better than cure .
Protect your Eyes now!