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Your prescription lenses or sunglasses are often an expensive investment, therefore it is important to properly care for them to keep them in shape. There are two different ways to clean your glasses.

The best way to clean your eye wear is with warm water  and  dish soap, but  when you out and about, the easy which is spray cleaner or wet wipes to keep your lenses clean looking shining or neat, it is necessary to make it daily routine to clean your eye wear

METHOD 1: wash your hand thoroughly with soap and water befor cleaning your glasses to ensure your hands are free of dirt, greene and grimme. Then rinse your glasses with warm water by running a gentle stream of tap water rotate the glasses to wet both sides of each lenses, the frame and ear pieces. Note that hot water is bad for lenses, protection coating and the frame, so always use only warm water.

After rinsing, add a lotion free dish soap to each lens circle motions with your fingertips to carefully lather them with soap over the both side of your lenses around the frame and down each earpiece. Use gentle pressure to clean the nose pads with a cotton swap or soft tooth brush. Note: avoid grazing the lenses with the tooth brush even if its soft-brushoff. was away the soap residue by holding the glasses under the running water again. shake off excess water and make sure your lenses are clean. wipe or dry with microfiber clothes  to ensure all smudges are off from the lenses, dry the frame as well.

METHOD 2: Cleaning with lens solution. Below area on the lenses to remove dusts or debris. spray significant quantity of the cleaning  solution on the lenses to flush away debris or dirt. if you have an anti-reflection lenses ensure the cleaner are labelled safe for the AR coating. carefully wipe away with finger tips to absorb cleaner. then use the cloth to dry the frame and ear pieces. Note: that keeping your glasses clean and smudge – free with help prevent scratches and help them last linger. Always store your glasses in a hard case that must fit the glasses when you are not using them. Always wash our micro-fiber clothes regularly to remove dusts or debris that must have trapped on them. Do not wipe your glasses with our slot, tissue or a paper towel. to have a clear and comfortable vision with your lenses, always take a proper care of them.

Fornnex Eye Clinic stocks different kind of quality lens clearing solution, lens wipes and micro-fiber clothing’s. Your satisfaction and comfort is our pointy . A trial with definitely convince you.


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