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Studies have shown that majority of pupils struggling with reading have vision problems. It has been estimated that 80% of school learning involves the sense of vision. This implies that poor vision can cause huge frustration to a school child and a frustrated child can also be helped.

A comprehensive eyes examination is the key in providing help to a child with poor vision. being aware of the signs and symptoms of learning –  related vision problems keeps the children from struggling needlessly.

The symptoms of learning related vision problems includes: headache or eyes strain, blurred vision or double vision, crossed eyes or eyes that appears to move independently of each other (strabismus ), turning or tilting the head to use one eyes only or closing one eyes excessive blinking or rubbing place while reading or using a finger as a guide, show reading speed or poor reading comprehension, omitting or repeating words or confusing

Similar words difficulty in remembering what was read, persistent reversal of words or letters (after grade 3), difficulty remembering, identifying or reproducing shapes for eye hand coordination and evidence of developmental immaturity.

The first step to determining if a problem exist, if your child shows one or more symptoms mentioned above is by seeing an eye doctor who will evaluate and make proper diagnosis. If no vision problem detected , it is possible that your child’s symptoms may be caused by a non-visual dysfunction,  such as dyslexia or a learning disability, which may require the services of an educational specialist.

Vision problem keep some children from performing to their potential. Sometimes teachers and parents fail to make the connection between poor reading and childrens visions. Ruling out visual problems as refracture error (myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism),unvergence insufficient, strabis mus and cohr deficiency etc is the best help to offer to a child. Fornnex eye clinic offers a wide range of comprehensive eye examination that will help detect the cause of your child’s symptoms. Your child’s sight is your child’s right. Help that child see well and perform remarkably well in school today

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