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The importance of sunglasses can not be over emphasized. Did you know that sun rays are dangerous to the eyes just as they are to the skin? Most people think that sunglasses are mostly for fashion.

I wish to inform you that sunglasses may be great fashion accessories but they are mostly worn to protect one’s eyes from sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. The ocular effects of ultra-violet rays include:

1) CATARACT: the clouding of the eye’s crystalline lens that can cause blurred vision. Researches have shown that estimated 20% cases of cataract are caused by UV rays exposure.

2) MACULAR DEGENERATION , a leading cause of blindness in the United States occurs as a result of damage to the retina affecting central vision.

3) PTERIGIUM: Constant exposure to UV rays can cause damage to the conjunctiva. This appears as a tissue growth over the white part of the eyes and sometimes extending to the cornea. It can alter the curve of the eyeball causing astigmatism, irritations and discomforts.

4) PHOTOKERATITIS: This is a condition caused by UV exposures which is a medical term for an ocular sunburn.

Most part of the eye can be affected by UV rays after exposure. Some UV damage to the eyes occur gradually and are not reversible hence it is important to protect the eyes from UV light from a very young age.

It is wise to wear good quality sunglasses that block UV and also wear a hat with a broad brim under intense sunlight to prevent UV from getting into the eyes. Just like the use of seat belts in the car, it is essential to protect the eyes during exposure to the sun rays and this can be achieved by wearing a pair of properly covered sunglasses.

When purchasing sunglasses, always choose sunglasses that block at least 99% of UV light and select frames that wrap-around the face to get the eyes properly protected under the sun.

Also note that the darkness of the tint does not reflect the level of UV block, UV protection depends strongly on the manufacturing quality which is usually indicated on the lenses.
Prevention is better than cure .
Protect your Eyes now!

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